LPG Hob Marigold RFL Double Built In Gls

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  • Brand: RFL Gas Stove
    Type: Auto
  • Top panel
    Dimension: L-732 x W-410 x Thick-8.10 mm
    Weight: 4.790 kg
    Materials: Glass
    Color: Black

    Dimension: L-642 x W-347 x H-55 x Thick-0.65 mm
    Weight: 930 gm
    Materials: MS Sheet
    Color: Black

    Dimension: L-107mm x H-86mm
    Weight: 154 gm
    Materials: Aluminium , Brass, MS
    Color: Gray and Gold color

    Barner 100 mm
    Dimension:100 mm  
    Weight: 815 gm
    Materials: Ci
    Color: Black

    Big stand
    Dimension: L-245mm x W-195mm x H-62mm
    Weight: 690 gm
    Materials: CI
    Color: Black

    Small Stand
    Dimension: Circle dia-152 mm x Rod thickness-4 mm
    Weight: 95 gm
    Materials: MS
    Color: Black

    Barner Cap 130 mm
    Dimension: Out dia 130mm
    Weight: 240 gm
    Materials: Brass
    Color: Gold color and Black

    Barner Cap 30 mm
    Dimension: Out dia-30 mm
    Weight: 27gm
    Materials: Brass
    Color: Black

    Cap ring
    Dimension: Out dia-130mm
    Weight: 136 gm
    Materials: Brass
    Color: Gold

    Dimension: L-290mm x W-100mm X Out dia-11.55 mm
    Weight: 86 gm
    Materials: MS
    Color: Gold color
  • Tray
    Dimension: L-270mm x W-220 mm
    Weight: 192 gm
    Materials: SS Sheet
    Color: SS color

    Dimension: Out dia-35mm x H-26mm
    Weight: 28 gm
    Materials: SS
    Color: SS color

    Knob washer
    Dimension: Out dia-36 mm
    Weight: 7 gm
    Materials: Aluminium
    Color: Gray

    Knob washer rubber
    Dimention: Out dia=32 mm
    Weight: 2 gm
    Materials: Rubber
    Color: White

    Dimension: Height-27mm
    Weight: 5 gm
    Materials: Plastic
    Color: Black

    Burner ring
    Dimension: Out dia-55.50 mm
    Weight: 5 gm
    Materials: MS
    Color: Black

    Dimension: H-42mm, Out dia-6mm
    Weight: 5 gm
    Materials: Ceramic
    Color: White

    Battery Box
    Dimension: L-84mm x W-41mm
    Weight: 22 gm
    Materials: Plastic
    Color: Black

    Circuit Box
    Dimension: L-62mm x W-44mm
    Weight: 100 gm
    Materials: Plastic
    Color: Black

    Ignition Support
    Dimension: L-62mm x W-29mm
    Weight: 34 gm
    Materials: SS Sheet
    Color: SS color

    Battery Box support
    Dimension: L-105 x mm W-70mm x H-50mm
    Weight: 20 gm
    Materials: SS Sheet
    Color: SS color

    Circuit Box support
    Dimension: L-86mm x W-70mm x H-40 mm
    Weight: 17 gm
    Materials: SS Sheet
    Color: SS color
    Net Weight: 10.84 kg
    Gross Weight: 12.75 kg(LP)

    Warranty: One year service warranty

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