9V Battery DC 9V Non-Rechargeable Batteries 6F22 For Toy Car Electronics Device Multimeter Multi Meter Battery Electronics Projects DIY

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 9V Non-Rechargeable Battery 6F22 Battery Low Self-discharge Eco-friendly Battery


Low self-discharge, no memory effect.

Nickel metal hydride battery, lightweight and eco-friendly.

Suitable for multimeter, gaming handle, voltage meter, etc.

No-toxic, explosionproof, safe to use.

Non Rechargeable battery, environmental friendly.

Its supply current is stable to protect your device.

Small size, easy and convenient to carry.

Economic and durable, it has small internal impedance for charging faster.


Brand name: China

Color: Any

Size: 48x26x16mm

Voltage: 9v



Do not mess new batteries with old ones, the same is true with those batteries of the same models yet of different types.

Do not regenerate batteries by heating, charging or other methods.

Avoid short circuit.

Don´t disassemble or heat the batteries.

Switch off the equipment after use and discharge the batteries if storing for long time.

Package Included:

1 x 9V Non-Rechargeable Battery 6F22 For Multimeter Charging Battery DIY

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